Monday, May 17, 2010

Fire and Ice

don't let anything take you down.
don't come crashing to the ground.
once you've fallen, it's tough to get back up.
so keep on marching through fire and ice
while all hell rains down on your parade.

you had a bad day, things aren't lookin so good
you stepped out of place, and then put up your hood
they don't know how you feel, maybe neither do I
you say that your life is shit, but do you really wanna die?

it's not that hard...
why give up now?
there's still a way to
lift yourself from being down
tilt your head up
look at the possibilities
the sun is shining
so brightly...

so what, you've fallen down
but you're not really on the ground.
all ya gotta do to get up
is just open your eyes.
open them wide
take it all in
one little piece at a time
look at the sky
reach a little farther
I know that if you'd only try...

[comments are appreciated!!]


  1. This is very touching and sweet in a way. I like what it says. Are you talking to yourself or someone you care about it? I see it both ways, but I would like to know what you intended it to be.

  2. Both, i guess. I mean, i'm not really all too sure.

  3. Maybe you should try and discover that. It might give you some insight into your self. Give it a good thought and you never know the answer you find could be surprising.

  4. I like this a lot. Because usually I'm hearing the other side of this from you, and this is what I always want to say, but I could never find the right words. So thank you for saying them.


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